Unless otherwise specified the bylaws, committees shall be determined by the President and approved by the Executive Board. In establishing any committee, the composition, powers, term and duties shall also be designated. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.


Elections/Nominating Committee –  

Nominating Committee typically consists of three VATA professional members, at least one of whom must be a member of the Executive Board. The other two may be appointed by the Executive Board.

Nominating Committee will serve from the date appointed until the election results for the current election are announced. The Nominating Committee is responsible for presenting to the membership the most qualified slate of candidates for election. The committee will operate in a non-partisan manner considering service to the organization and qualifications specific to the position for which the professional member is nominated.

The Nominating Committee shall solicit the membership for nominees, and be responsible for preparing and submitting ballots, and maintaining nominating page on website.  


Art Show & Annual Gathering Committee –

The Art Show and Gathering Committee consists of one Executive Board member and two or more student or professional VATA members. The Art Show and Annual Gathering Committee is charged with finding a location for the art show, coming up with a theme for the art show, and setting all dates for the show and opening ceremony.  This typically coincides with VATA’s annual membership meeting and holiday party.


Budget Committee –

The Budget Committee consists of three VATA professional members of the chapter to include: the Treasurer and two other members of the executive  board. The focus of this committee is to assist the Chapter in securing the treasury, develop an annual budget, maintain fiscal responsibility, and promote transparent spending for the Chapter.


Scholarship Committee -

The Scholarship Committee shall consist of three VATA members of the chapter to include: the Treasurer and two other members (one of which must be a voting board member). Members of the Scholarship Committee may not apply for student or professional member scholarships. The Scholarship Committee will facilitate the application review process annually and make recommendations to the Board for awarding scholarships.

The Scholarship Committee will insure equal opportunity access of application for members. The Scholarship Committee will monitor and enforce conditions in scholarships for presentations to the VATA and/or AATA membership before funds are disbursed to the recipient.


GAC/Licensure Committee -  

The Governmental Affairs Committee shall consist of at least three VATA members of the Chapter to include the Delegate and/or the appointed Chapter GAC Chair, as well as a minimum of two other professional or student members of the Chapter. The Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) monitors state and national policy actions to ensure that the Association‘s interests and objectives are adequately represented at all levels of government, and supports and advocates for legislation and policies that promote the profession and practice of art therapy.


Community Outreach/Meeting Committee –  

The Community Outreach Committee shall consist of at least three VATA members of the Chapter to include at least one Executive Board member. The committee shall facilitate at a minimum two or three community art therapy events annually, to include the community meetings. The purpose of this committee is to enrich the community with outlets for expression while promoting the field of art therapy.


Professional Development Committee -

The Professional Development Committee shall consist of three to six members (including the chair).   This committee develops, oversees, and monitors the offering of Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and other professional workshops. The purpose of the Professional Development Committee is to enhance the professional competence of Association members and to develop and promote knowledge in and of the profession of art therapy.


Social Media Committee-

Social media is key for implementing our voice, to bring its information to members and the general public. The Virginia Art Therapy Association needs a strong group of people to help constantly update the website, Twitter, Facebook, and other social outlets.


Editing Committee-

The Editing Committee shall consist of three VATA members, one of which shall be on the Executive Board. The job of the editing committee is to help the Board ensure that all Publications going out or being posted have been reviewed for grammar and spelling, tone, thought, and idea.


If you are a VATA member and are interested in working with any of these committees please contact the Virginia Art Therapy Association at

The Virginia Art Therapy Association

P.O. Box 17553

Richmond, VA 23226

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