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The Virginia Art Therapy Association is an affiliate of the American Art Therapy Association. Membership is available to professional art therapists, art therapy students, & community patrons in Virginia and surrounding areas. Professional memberships include New Professional (<1 year from Master's Program Graduation), Professional, & Credentialed Professional. We recently added a new membership level "Community Patron" for those considering art therapy as a career or those in fields that align with the mission and purpose of VATA.

The Virginia Art Therapy Association receives their membership dues through AATA; those dues are used by VATA to offer member scholarships, professional development opportunities, and use the funds to advance the profession of art therapy in Virginia. 

VATA Membership Categories

Credentialed Professional, Professional 

New Professional 


$30 annually*

$20 annually*

*Requires AATA Membership

$10 annually

"Community Patron" Membership

$20 annually

VATA Members get the following with their membership:

- Access to the VATA Member Forum used to advertise job opportunities and promote professional networking

- Discounted registration fees and early- registration opportunities for CEU events, workshops, and art exhibitions

- Monthly invites to  Members- only peer supervision*

- Eligible to apply to VATA scholarships*

- Opportunities to participate in licensure efforts and the LPAT credential in Virgnia

- 20% off discount at Plaza Art*

- Opportunities to connect with regional and local colleagues for art making and professional collaboration

- Voting rights for art therapy initiatives presented by VATA*

- Ability to run for and hold leadership positions within VATAon the VATA executive board or as a member representative*

- Opportunities to participate on VATA committees

- Free advertisement of art therapy services and/or supervision offerings on our website (via VA Art Therapist Locator)  and social media**

* Community Patron membership not included

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