In March of 2020, Gov. Northam signed 

the VA Art Therapy Licensure bill(SB713) into law.

Summary: "Board of Counseling; licensure of art therapists and art therapist associates. Requires the Board of Counseling to adopt regulations establishing a regulatory structure to license art therapists and art therapist associates, as those terms are defined in the bill, in the Commonwealth and establishes an advisory board to assist the Board in this process. Under the bill, no person shall engage in the practice of art therapy or hold himself out or otherwise represent himself as an art therapist or art therapist associate unless he is licensed by the Board."

To view the entire bill, click HERE

The Art Therapy Advisory Board within the Department of Health Professions met in late October. The LPAT (Licensed Professional Art Therapist) is currently in the regulatory process and under NOIRA (Notice of Intended Regulatory Action) which is a process that takes from 18 months to 2 years. After this process has been completed and regulations have been approved and finalized, then the LPAT license is ready for applicants. We will keep you updated as we receive updates from the Advisory Board.

Licensure Scrapbook