The American Art Therapy Association (AATA) supports federal and state policies, legislation, regulations, judicial actions, and initiatives that encourage, promote, and support efforts to gain a professional art therapy license
and licensure of art therapists.
The Virginia Association of Art Therapy, as a chapter of AATA supports such policies, legislation, regulations, judicial actions, and initiatives in the state of Virginia specifically. 

What is happening for Art Therapists in Virginia:

In March of 2020, Gov. Northam signed our

VA Art Therapy Licensure bill into law...

The Art Therapy Advisory Board within the Department of Health Professions met in late October. The LPAT (Licensed Professional Art Therapist) is currently in the regulatory process and under NOIRA (Notice of Intended Regulatory Action) which is a process that takes from 18 months to 2 years. After this process has been completed and regulations have been approved and finalized, then the LPAT license is ready for applicants. We will keep you updated as we receive updates from the Advisory Board!

Senate Education and Health Committee:

  • Senator Louise Lucas (D) Portsmouth, Chair

  • Senator Richard Saslaw (D) Springfield

  • Senator Janet Howell (D) Reston

  • Senator Stephen Newman (R) Forest

  • Senator Mamie Locke (D) Hampton

  • Senator George Barker (D) Alexandria

  • Senator Chapman Petersen (D) Fairfax

  • Senator John Cosgrove, Jr. (R) Chesapeake

  • Senator Lynwood Lewis (D) Accomac

  • Senator Siobhan Dunnavant (R) Henrico

  • Senator David Suetterlein (R) Roanoke

  • Senator Mark Peake (R) Lynchburg

  • Senator John Edwards (D) Roanoke

  • Senator Benton Chafin (R) Lebanon

  • Senator Ghazaia Hashmi (D) Midlothian

Anticipated Committee

Delegate Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee:

  • Sickles, Mark D. (Chair) * (D) 43rd district

  • Rasoul, Sam (Vice Chair) * (D) 11th district

  • Hope, Patrick A. (D) 47th district

  • Price, Marcia S. (Cia) (D) 95th district

  • Levine, Mark H. (D) 45th district

  • Aird, Lashrecse D. (D) 63rd district

  • Hayes, C. E. (Cliff), Jr. (D) 77th district

  • Adams, Dawn M. * (D) 68th district

  • Guzman, Elizabeth R. (D) 31st district

  • Delaney, Karrie K. * (D) 67th district

  • Tran, Kathy KL (D) 42nd district

  • Samirah, Ibraheem S. * (D) 86th district

  • Willett, Rodney T. (D) 73rd district

  • Orrock, Robert D., Sr. (R) 54th district

  • Bell, Robert B. (R) 58th district

  • Edmunds, James E., II (R) 60th district

  • Robinson, Roxann L. * (R) 27th district

  • Hodges, M. Keith * (R) 98th district

  • Head, Christopher T. (R) 17th district

  • Fowler, Hyland F. (Buddy), Jr. (R) 55th district

  • Walker, Wendell S. (R) 23rd district

  • * denotes members of the Health Professions Subcommittee

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