The American Art Therapy Association (AATA) supports federal and state policies, legislation, regulations, judicial actions, and initiatives that encourage, promote, and support efforts to gain a professional art therapy license
and licensure of art therapists.
The Virginia Association of Art Therapy, as a chapter of AATA supports such policies, legislation, regulations, judicial actions, and initiatives in the state of Virginia specifically. 

What is happening for Art Therapists in Virginia:

Members of VATA will be lobbying for SB713 in early February. Please join us if you like.

Contact us if you're interested.   

In August 2018, the Board of Health Professions within the Department of Health Professions agreed that Art Therapy ought to be a licensed profession in the State of Virginia. The Department completed a Sunrise Review as part of their recommendation towards licensure for art therapists.

The Virginia Art Therapy Association’s Licensure Bill SB713 is being Sponsored by Senator Jennifer McClellan and has been introduced under the Committee of Education and Health to the 2020 General Assembly.

On January 24th the Health Professions Sub-Committee approved a substitute Bill. 

On January 30 the Senate Education and Health Committee passed the substitute Bill. 14-Y, 0-N, 1-A

On January 31 the Bill passed it's First Constitutional Reading in the Virginia Senate, Regular Session. 37-Y, 0-N 

On February 3 the Virginia Senate approved the Bill unanimously in it's Second Constitutional Reading.

On February 4 the Virginia Senate approved the Bill unanimously in it's Third Constitutional Reading.

The Bill should cross Houses' next week. 

You can watch these meetings live or archived:

To find out more about the Art Therapy Licensure Bill - SB713 follow this link:

There you will find an updated draft of the Bill, the current status of the Bill, and which Senators and Delegates are on the Committee.

Do not hesitate to write your Delegates and Senators in support of the Bill. 

Comments or Inquires can be directed to: or

Senate Education and Health Committee:

  • Senator Louise Lucas (D) Portsmouth, Chair

  • Senator Richard Saslaw (D) Springfield

  • Senator Janet Howell (D) Reston

  • Senator Stephen Newman (R) Forest

  • Senator Mamie Locke (D) Hampton

  • Senator George Barker (D) Alexandria

  • Senator Chapman Petersen (D) Fairfax

  • Senator John Cosgrove, Jr. (R) Chesapeake

  • Senator Lynwood Lewis (D) Accomac

  • Senator Siobhan Dunnavant (R) Henrico

  • Senator David Suetterlein (R) Roanoke

  • Senator Mark Peake (R) Lynchburg

  • Senator John Edwards (D) Roanoke

  • Senator Benton Chafin (R) Lebanon

  • Senator Ghazaia Hashmi (D) Midlothian

Anticipated Committee

Delegate Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee:

  • Sickles, Mark D. (Chair) * (D) 43rd district

  • Rasoul, Sam (Vice Chair) * (D) 11th district

  • Hope, Patrick A. (D) 47th district

  • Price, Marcia S. (Cia) (D) 95th district

  • Levine, Mark H. (D) 45th district

  • Aird, Lashrecse D. (D) 63rd district

  • Hayes, C. E. (Cliff), Jr. (D) 77th district

  • Adams, Dawn M. * (D) 68th district

  • Guzman, Elizabeth R. (D) 31st district

  • Delaney, Karrie K. * (D) 67th district

  • Tran, Kathy KL (D) 42nd district

  • Samirah, Ibraheem S. * (D) 86th district

  • Willett, Rodney T. (D) 73rd district

  • Orrock, Robert D., Sr. (R) 54th district

  • Bell, Robert B. (R) 58th district

  • Edmunds, James E., II (R) 60th district

  • Robinson, Roxann L. * (R) 27th district

  • Hodges, M. Keith * (R) 98th district

  • Head, Christopher T. (R) 17th district

  • Fowler, Hyland F. (Buddy), Jr. (R) 55th district

  • Walker, Wendell S. (R) 23rd district

  • * denotes members of the Health Professions Subcommittee

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